The Current Family of UnDutchables Products

The UnDutchables

(English language)

The UnDutchables was the first book to humorously and mercilessly expose the odd characteristics of the Dutch. Now in it’s 8th edition.  

The UnDutchables (Dutch


This book is a Dutch translation of The UnDutchables 8th ed, published by Njjgh & Van Ditmar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The UnDutchables

(Chinese language)

This book is a complex Chinese translation of The UnDutchables 6ed, published by Common Master Press in Taiwan.


Birthday Calendar

A Dutch-format perpetual birthday calendar -- or “verjaardagskalender” in Dutch -- that can thus last a lifetime, which is probably why the concept is so popular amongst cloggies.

Dear Henry

(English language)

A tongue-in-cheek look at the Dutch and their wondrous ways. Written in a style reminiscent of "The UnDutchables" but with a gentleman’s touch, "Dear Henry" captures the quirky ways of the Dutch from a typically British viewpoint.
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Strike Four

(English language)

When a sore-armed pitcher from New Jersey ventured forth to European lands in the early 1980s, little did he suspect that the experience would influence America's national sport as played abroad. Neither did he suspect that his efforts would provide the material for a timeless book that deserves a place in baseball history.

Extinct Stuff (Discontinued Products)

Closed Curtain

(English language)

Amsterdam’s red light district in the twilight of the 20th century when it was still a fun place. Written and illustrated by Bruce Harris & Michelle Bird. OUT OF PRINT.

Gulden Geld

(all languages)

Holland’s beloved guilders published by the Dutch Govt. The first currency note to sport a copyright statement to thwart forgers Not our product, but sorely missed all the same. OUT OF PRINT.


Desk Calenders

Daily words of wisdom with a Dutch twist. Killed off by unemployment, electronic personal assistants, and smartphones. OUT OF SERVICE.

UnDutchables Koffiemug

Porcelin coffee mug imprinted with the all-important Dutch coffee drinking ritual, as divulged in “The UnDutchables.” Rendered obsolete by the Senseo coffee cult (our mug did not fit under the apparat head!) SOLD OUT.

The Strippenkaart

Arguably the best Dutch invention since the dijk. After around a quarter of a century of baffling tourists with zone-power, the system became the victim of Dutch “old-fashioned” fever. Again, not one of our products. FINALLY FOLDED.

Memory Laantje

Framed collection of some UnDutchables memories. Stolen from the authors by a one-armed Clogophile in 2015.